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Three Reasons Why Wedding Videography NEEDS to Be in Your Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding is tough. I get it. Inviting guests, finding vendors that fit your vision while also being available, navigating input from others, even planning a honeymoon. It all adds up, but hopefully you can find joy in the process! Back in 2017, I planned our wedding and had so much fun doing it. But, when the wedding day finally arrived, I realized how easy it could be to get caught worrying about the details of the day. Throughout the wedding I reminded myself to pause to be present in the moment. But at the end of the day, our wedding felt like a blur. And that's okay!

You likely have already chosen a photographer for your wedding to capture the still images. If you are planning a Louisville wedding, then you probably found a GREAT photographer! The next step is finding a wedding videographer (or deciding if it is even worth hiring one). Since you are reading this, I would bet you are on the fence about whether or not you want a videographer. But I hope by the end of this blog you will see the immense value in hiring a top rated wedding videographer to capture your dream wedding!

1. Tells Your Story

I pride myself on being a storytelling wedding videographer in Louisville, Kentucky - I care about the details of your story and I love to capture those special moments for your big day. Storytelling videography doesn't just show what happened during your wedding, but shares the biggest moments with you and your loved ones in a way that allows you to see, hear, feel and even taste moments from your wedding. One of my biggest goals is finding ways to make every video unique to my clients. You and your partner have a unique story, and that matters! I spend a lot of time creating wedding videos that reflect the wedding day, because I want you to watch your video again and again. When you watch your wedding video you get an opportunity to live the story of your wedding again! You'll get to taste the champagne during the toasts, feel the butterflies in your stomach as you walk down the aisle, experience the way you and your spouse interacted with each other and with your families. I want you to have those special things that you included on your big day! Weddings go by quick, so having the right wedding video is important, because video tells stories in a much different way than photo!

2. Captures Your Loved Ones

Your wedding, big or small, will surround you with your favorite people on the planet. Whether it's your mom and dad, grandparents, or friends you chose as family, your wedding will probably be the one day where all of your favorite people are in the same place at the same time. As a wedding videographer, I love getting to capture moments where you are interacting with these special people. Think about how fun it will be watch the reactions of your family and friends while you walk down the aisle, or getting to one day show your grandkids what your grandparents were like. It will be a gift to rewatch your father daughter dance - or the video of your grandma getting down on the dance floor! Wedding videography captures the best moments from your wedding with all of the motion and emotion of your day. The people at your wedding matter to you, so getting a moving memory of the wedding day is something you'll cherish forever. Life is short and we are not promised tomorrow, so I count it an honor to be able to capture these moments for you.

In 2022, a couple hired me to be their wedding videographer in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a small Kentucky barn wedding, but it felt full. I quickly connected with the family, and had a great time spending the day with them. About a month after the wedding, I saw on Facebook that the father of the bride had passed away. I only had the opportunity to talk with him for a short amount of time, but I could quickly tell that he loved his family and community well. I had already sent the final video to the couple, but there was still footage left from their wedding. So I looked through the footage I had, hoping to find something that the bride and her family could have as an additional memory. The father/daughter dance was a meaningful moment, so I put together the full dance video and sent it to the bride as a gift. I don't say that to brag, but instead want to show how important a videographer can be at your wedding. Having those additional memories recorded are a gift, and something that I as a videographer will never take for granted.

3. Enhances Your Wedding Photography

As a wedding videographer in Louisville, Kentucky, I love getting to work with photographers for your wedding day. I understand that in most cases photography comes before videography for your wedding budget. That being said, I have to say getting the chance to shoot your wedding day with a great photographer give me the opportunity to enhance what your photographer does with your most special moments. I capture the giddiness and the nervous excitement coming from bridesmaids as they are waiting for the big dress reveal. I capture the excitement of the bride or groom as they read and open each other’s gifts. Some couples want to do a first look - which is FULL of emotion, and getting to relive that moment right before you say I do is unforgettable. From the beginning to the end, your videographer should find moments that you’ll want to remember forever. So while your photography for your wedding captures still moments, videography enhances those still moments into a memory that you can instantly relive over and over again.


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