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Louisville, Ky Wedding Videographer

Jack Brown Videography

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Storytelling wedding videography that captures the true emotion of your event - I'm Jack Brown and that’s my mission as the top-rated wedding videographer in Louisville, Ky.

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Let’s be honest, wedding videography is at times an afterthought. Most couples figure out their photography and then are left to wonder whether or not they should hire a videographer. Seriously, I get it. For those couples that are unsure, however, I like to ask the question:

"Would you rather see stills from your favorite movie or watch the full thing?"

Hearing your vows again, sharing the event with those that could not attend, and telling the full story of your wedding are some of the biggest reasons that you should definitely consider hiring a wedding videographer. There’s also something so special about seeing moments in motion allowing you to relive the moment as if it was right in front of you.

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Louisville Kentucky Bride with her bridesmaids at the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. A dream Louisville wedding.
Packages range from eight to ten hours of coverage and all include a preview video, highlight film, unlimited communication, and vendor recommendations. Please inquire for availability and a more detailed quote.

Louisville, KY Wedding Videography

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